Microsoft Office and Google Suite is different, To get it right we need to understand what these apps/softwares are all about. We always get it wrong, there is no comparison, Office 365 and Google Suite are totally different and for different purpose. Microsoft Office is a software that needs to be on the computer to work and is also connected to cloud services, while as Google Suite comes from an Online Platform so it is obviously based on Cloud.

If you need to work calmly and softly and with ease and you have time to install Software on your computer and know how to use Microsoft Office in detail or in a case you don’t have a good or maybe no internet connection, you can simply use Office. It is one of the Best productivity tools. Microsoft Office has a-lot of apps, and has been developing its apps in a good way. Take Teams for instance they have developed it so much that it is one of the best app of its kind in the market right now while as Google is poor on its messenger side, Somehow google always manages to make everything good but there messaging apps do really suck. - Office Vs Gsuite

Where as we can say that when we need a fast and great email service, we always think of Gmail, Microsoft Outlook really is not up to the mark when it comes to Emails.

If you need fast work and you do not have those high graphics and all that technical stuff in your work, You can always choose to use Google G suite and it has the bigger chunk in the market. While as if you are into that high quality precision tactic work then i will bet on Microsoft Office.

When you save a file on Microsoft you can actually convert or read it in Google Suite and Do otherwise in Office for G=Suite Files. Google will mostly translate and convert files and presentations flawlessly but sometimes it messes it up really bad and you really need a companion or magic to work.

In the end these are softwares and app that really need a-lot of work. They have teams and teams are made of Human Beings, Both these companies are trying their best to bring us the best Product to make sure that they fix every problem with there softwares and app which is actually not possible because People change and we always want something new, Sometimes we need a new UI and Some people will find a feature missing.

So it is not a tough decision to choose it is easy to know what you want to work with. And mostly we can have both and use what we enjoy and where we know what we can get best results from.