www.office.com/setup Microsoft Office is a great productivity tool and we know it very well. Now that Apple has anncounced its latest ipad with a beautiful Display. Let's See how both of there powerfull tools combine.

www.office.com/setup Microsoft Office is one of the best productivity tools and one of the best in the market in its class. But have we ever thought of matching two class leading tech and combining it to make a powerful Productivity Platform? Yes! Let's Try it out today.

Apple, as a class leading Tablet maker with all the premium devices running there own Operating System, iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 2018 Edition is a beautiful piece of Art, As we take a look at it, Its form factor defines it all. It is classy, Elegant and Beautiful. Needless to say it is light and feels pretty premium to hold. Unlike what most of the online tech bloggers have to say about the ruggedness of it, We would hardly take it to that level. Though the Display might catch some scratches. But that is pretty obvious and can be easily protected by a Screen Tempered Glass.

While as the performance is concerned, it is really fast and is really good on the responsiveness. It is like the fast and the great tablet with quick responses to every app you pull on it.

"We are not going to give you the benchmark scores but yeah for a normal (NOT SUPERHUMAN) ability, It is pretty well and quick.

So the point is, If it is any good for Productivity tools like Microsoft Office. Will it run on it.

That's why we put to the test The New Ipad Pro and the Latest Microsoft Office.

To be very clear, iPad Pro is not running DMG files so it will run iOS files only. Which means it is not capable of What a mac can do, Unlike Windows surface tablets that can actually run Computer applications in full.

Though other software developers like Adobe are planning to roll out the Full Application for the iPads, After the performance factor.

While we installed Microsoft Office on Ipad 2018 12.9 Inch, It seemed to work pretty good. Luckyly we found that the New Ipad with the pencil has great success.

Everything else looks same for obvious reasons but the Apple pencil, Allows us to do things that are not possible with any other plain tablet. With great support for Apple Pencil, The Shapes you draw will automatically change into the actuall Shape. The object recognition for the 28 shapes have been intergrated in the Microsoft Office Ipad (PENCIL)

With the Apple pencil you can highlight, Anotate or draw around for ease access and usages. The user interface includes many types of pencils and highlighters and markers for the Apple Pencil.