What is www.office.com/setup?

You might have noticed, there are a-lot of websites and portals shouting out www.office.com/setup on their website. So let’s discuss what www.office.com/setup is all about.

So Microsoft Office is one of the Microsoft’s Best Selling product. Like every other product that is not free. Microsoft Office has set up a way to activate their product, For this they have tried to make it as easy as they could have ever made it. They have simply set up a website “www.office.com/setup” which is actually a Microsite for the official website of their Office product.
Here is a screenshot of the website:

Office setup website - www.office.com/setup
Microsoft Office Setup Website – To setup your Office product.

There are different components to this website.

new-new - www.office.com/setup
Components of Microsoft Office Setup Wesbite

Here are the components of Microsoft Office Setup Website:

You can actually check the legitimacy by these components.

  1. The Logo: This is visible on the top left corner of the webpage. This is usually in white has been been white on this page since the last update.
  2. Activation Process: This is the most important part of this website and is never overlooked. This has 2 buttons that will give you options to sign in to your Microsoft or create a new account.
  3. The Menu: This menu has some links, One to contact Support and other to the Frequently asked questions and the last one is again a sign in button.
  4. Legal Menu: this is on the footer of the website, this has the copyrights of the Microsoft and links for developers and other legal related links for terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.

This sums up our Office setup website. Please make sure that the website address is always:

Microsoft Office Setup Website URL - www.office.com/setup

this in the url bar and is nothing but this, Most scammers use address similar to this address to make sure that their page also looks as legit as possible.