– We have been through tough times in technology and we have been in dark ages in the technology and also have seen some of the best times in the tech history.

Though Microsoft is something we really need to look at when we are talking about technologies. Microsoft, a company that is connected to tech or we can say the other way around. Whenever we talk about technology in computers, we know what to talk about. The Microsoft Office, is one of the greatest tools from Microsoft and is literally leading the Tech industry with the productivity tool it is providing. Microsoft Office is really one of the most used Softwares in the world as is the parent Microsoft Windows software. With that being it, Microsoft Powerpoint is used to create presentations and it has been used to create more than a billion times to just create slides. Now Microsoft has decided to step it up a bit and take this Powerpoint and turn it into something even greater. Microsoft Office Powerpoint Now comes with the Designer AI tool. This makes creating presentations even easier. The AI is specially designed to learn from the use and create branded presentations for you. That is not just it, It will also provide you a way to customise you presentation accordingly. This will make your presentations look even better and will also help you a lot when it comes to the Usage of the Powerpoint. This is something we really need when we are working professionally on a presentation. This is really one of the best features that has been added to any of the applications.

AI, as you know stands for Artificial Intelligence. Which means that whenever you use Microsoft Office powerpoint it will use the way you work and save it for the next time you use it. It will record your ways of making a presentation and then put that intelligence after you use the presentation creating tool for the next time. It makes it easier to create branded presentations as it turns the presentations as per your needs and as per your design language.

We know that there are a lot of tools coming to Microsoft Office and the latest and the newest tools will surely help in improving the way we work with the Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is really something that we need to work with.