www.office.com/setup – If you are familiar with Microsoft Office you might have noticed Microsoft has recently released a lot of new applications and has given it a better look.

After the 2007 version of Office, Microsoft has been proving to the Productivity world that there is a need of updating and setting Office in the right path for the next decade to make sure that their competitors don’t stand a chance against them. They, Microsoft, has added a lot of Applications to the Microsoft Office systems and this system is proving to be right. This is one of the best systems that can be taken into consideration. Microsoft always keep updating their software’s and developments, they are really making sense about the system they are putting into the Office firmware. Office is one of a kind productivity tools with an integrated function of keeping your files secure with its firewall.

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Microsoft has not left behind any of the feature that can be seen on other software’s, In fact Microsoft has made sure that there is no other way for other competitors to find a way through Microsoft.

There are a lot of new applications in the Microsoft Office productivity suite and the one we are talking about today is the Microsoft Office planner. Microsoft Office planner is a planning tool created by Microsoft that is integrated with the Microsoft Office files, where you can plan and assign tasks to your team and also send files individually or in bulk. This is really important for people who are working in teams. This takes the team interaction to another level and is really an important part of the office file work system. This makes sure that the project that is being worked on is well collaborated and is on par with other systems of Microsoft. This will ensure that you don’t have to switch to another device. This is really important to feature to remove all the extra work from using the other planning and task manager applications. This is not just to make Office a better place to work with but also makes office more of a complete productivity suite.

The Planner from Microsoft can be used for a lot of things, it can be used to plan your events and plant all the tasks in the events. It can also be used when you are in a work space and you are having a team to work with, to ensure quick transactions of work and files. This can also be working fine in a study situation; you can plan all your study tables on this and can also share assignments with your fellow mates while group studying with your friends. This can be used in a personal space to share your files with other people while on the same environment. Microsoft Planner in a whole is an application that take Microsoft Office to Another level and is really a good application to have on your Apps to have list.