Select Page – Microsoft is a big company and Office is a small branch of that company. This is not a big thing about Microsoft, the major company has a masterstroke software, Microsoft Windows. Windows, says a lot about itself, it is a program, A proper CPU driving program that lets you use your computer to its extreme limits.

Microsoft Windows is one of the best-operating systems and we can say the one major operating system that is being used by almost everyone. Mac computers and other Linux based systems do not use or support the use of windows, being the competitors. Microsoft has played all major shots in the world of Tech, Even with its own high-quality hardware like the Surface studio you can experience an all Microsoft at one place.

Microsoft Office is another set of tools that is really a good stroke from the Microsoft. Office is a tool that has makes your productivity so easy that you don’t even need to have instructions to learn Microsoft. Being one of the best Microsoft Productivity tools on market right, Microsoft has played a Major role in productivity sector by put the right software in the market at the right time for all the major platforms. Microsoft is a tough competition for its competitors. This is not just a software that makes it easy to run over other companies but is really one of the hardest competition to beat, when it comes to Operating systems, Productivity tools and other major systems.

Microsoft is one of the biggest systems development tools in the market is really a good one. Microsoft is really a good software and tools developer and it makes a big and really nice impact on our lives.