What is Office Product Key?

office.com/setup: Office is one of the most used software present on the internet right now. Let us find out how and what does the product key do and how can it help you.

There has been a lot of piracy going on lately with a lot of softwares and the new software is always a target to the hackers and pirates. Pirates usually prey on editing the registry and hacking the software to make it a free software, which is obviously a loss to software developer company.

To counter this problem, governments have banned the piracy and has made clear that this is a cyber crime. This can now get a pirate, if caught, to imprisonment and fine. This has bought down the level of piracy but it is not down and under control to a point where it is almost no loss to the company.

But Companies have a different narrative to it, Companies like Microsoft try to enforce their own measures to make sure that there is very less piracy. Now in 2020, it has now become hard to edit the registry of the Microsoft Office. By devising a framework that works flawlessly, they product key system with online registry has made it really hard to get into the registries and turn a paid software into a free one.

Microsoft Office installation will always require your authentication to take you to the next step to download and install Microsoft Office on your device. It is as easy as it can get. and as hard as it can get for the attackers and pirates.

Microsoft Office product key is a 25 Digit, Alphanumeric, case sensitive set or combination. That is unique to every person who purchases the software. It can be used and activated only once and can not be used on any other computer and it is based on a live system, that means it is always connected to your software and the online registry, It acts like a bridge, once it is used on any other device it will be deactivated on the previous one.

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